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The best app for lesbian, bisexual and queer couples to grow their relationship. Fun to play with friends too! Unique questions that stimulate great conversations for new and seasoned relationships.

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About Us

Welcome! We hope you love our app!

Throughout our relationship, we've enjoyed learning new things about each other by asking and answering questions we found in various question apps and books. These have led to great discussions on long drives, while sitting on the beach, out at restaurants and even with groups of friends. Although we've enjoyed these, the one thing missing was that we couldn't find one that was created for our community. We also wanted one with unique questions that could stimulate great conversations for those of us in new relationships as well as those of us who have been together a while. We hope this fills this void and brings you hours of fun, laughter, discussion, smiles and opportunities to grow your relationship.

If you have feedback on what you like and how we can make the app even better, please let us know! Also, if you have great questions you'd like us to consider adding to the app, send them in. If selected, they will be put into the Questions You Contributed category for everyone to see! We add questions and categories regularly so Questions for Her will continue to foster new conversations month after month and year after year!


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